Trove of Texts

Text Type #1 – Potential Mates

We say a lot of inappropriate things, and we’re willing to show you ours if you show us yours.  Be it an inappropriate round or sexting at your desk while coworkers think you are hard at work, an embarrassing text to one guy when you meant to text another, or the weird opening line some guy on Tinder sent you…you’ll see it all.  Feel free to share your own text screenshots with us at, and we may just post them!  Otherwise we’ll post our own – believe us, we have no shortage.  Everyone deserves a good laugh!

Text Type #2 – Between Friends

What’s more ridiculous than the things potential daters/SOs/exes say to you?  Sometimes the answer is: what we say to our friends about dating, our SO, or our exes.  Mondays are for screenshots, stories, moments, and memes of women talking to other women — and sometimes women acting like (stereotypical) men!  Because let’s face it, women are not as classy as people think!

Text Type #3 – With My Boss

Some bosses are more ridiculous than others.  Our bosses are particularly special.  The amount of things we tell overshare with them, and the fact that they sometimes enjoy their morning coffee while reading our blog, means we should on repay them with thanks and let the world see the amazing (and ridiculous!) things they say to us!