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We all know they exist: laughing with their buddies, looking back on a night with you and being proud of their 30 second performance (of, in your mind, mediocre-at-best sex). Who are they? Unfortunately, your exes. The thought of them may make you cringe or think, “Thank God! I dodged that bullet!” So, let’s hear it!  Tell us a story about them — your ex, your crush, your date last week — how they led you on, how you cut them loose, or about the crap you should’ve never put up with (ugh, hindsight!).  Once a week we will pick a story or text screenshot to feature on our blog.

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Do you have a general question about sex, dating, or a sticky situation that you’ve found yourself in?  Whether you’re looking to vent, share, or ask for advice, we’d love to hear from you!

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