About Us

This tale begins almost a decade ago when two girls met on a dude ranch full of horses, alcoholic beverages, and ridiculously entertaining — and always themed — parties. Now, in a world of online dating, hook-up culture, and bar scenes full of men who are sometimes just downright douchebags, it is a constant struggle for normal women to try and find someone even remotely worth bringing home to meet dear ol’ mom and dad.

So here we are — B, a tall Midwestern lady who now resides in Boston as a writer and Grade A badass, and J, a laid-back but sassy Colorado girl who manages properties and a revolving door of dates.

Despite the fact that these two girls live 1,980 miles apart, they remain best friends, sharing stories of bad dates and good sex (or vice versa…ugh!). In this never ending story of dating there are so many ridiculous stories that it would be unfair to not share  them with the world! So here we go.  Enjoy the ride and we hope to hear from you at DateLikeAChampion@gmail.com!


With love, BJ!