The Most Helpful Tinder Has EVER Been

This past weekend, a few friends and I headed north to a rural cabin.  Who was the second picture to show up when I opened up Tinder?  Why it was the friendly, cute property manager who had let us into the cabin a few short hours before.  Naturally I right-swiped , and turns out so did he.  The first night, we invited him down to the campfire for s’mores via Tinder, which was adorable considering Tinder’s reputation as a hook up app.

The second morning, I reached out for a practical stay-related question.  Then I went to read on the porch.  Then friend #1 came to sit on the porch.  Then friend #2 came out on the porch.  Then we realized that each of us had failed to realize that the lock was still set on the door, meaning that one-by-one, we had all partaken in stranding ourselves on the porch.

That’s when Tinder came in handy in a way I doubt it ever has been before:

Torn about adding, “property manager even responds via Tinder,” in my Yelp review.  Might result in him having to meet some interesting expectations…

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