The Story of Chaz

I have always been against Tinder. It is perhaps the stigma of it being only a hook up site or maybe the fact that I dated a guy for 4 months who had a girlfriend that he met on there and one day broke the news to me that they never broke up and now she was pregnant. Now granted that didn’t help, but I didn’t like it before that either.

Aside from Tinder, I have tried other sites–because as rude as it sounds, it is nice to be able to immediately judge someone by their online stats. Then I had a friend introduce me to Bumble, and although you cannot see things like people’s heights and religion like you would on POF or Match–it still seems classier than Tinder.

Now that I have talked down to the options for random hook ups on these sites, forget it all and pretend like I did not say it as this story begins. The story of Chaz.

Before I share too much, I will give my personal disclaimer that I while I try and not use people’s real names in these posts, including mine, there is no way around not using this name, as no made up name could do this guy justice.

When I was swiping one day, I saw jeans and boots show up–no face. However, that was enough to make me investigate further and see a very handsome guy. So we begin with generic conversations and all the appropriate how are you’s and how was your weekend themed questions. Over the next couple days the conversation carried on and turned into chats of an inappropriate, yet fun, nature.

Chaz asked me if I wanted to get together, and because I’m a lady, I told him he had to take me to dinner first, as I knew it would not be an innocent night by the end.  As Tuesday evening rolls around I am getting ready for our date at the bar. Naturally, I had my reservations, perhaps because his name was Chaz, yet I still went to meet him.

He showed up in cowboy boots, which made most of my hesitation disappear. The rest the was wiped out by the three vodka sodas I ordered which I did not accompany with food. We had good conversation and got along well. Then, imagination of other activities kicked in, so we went back to his house.

I will spare all of the details but let you visualize the next morning: me leaving to go home and get ready for work, dressed in pajamas, bra-less, in cowboy boots, without any trace of regret.

That day at work, in between the flirtatious texts back and forth, we attempted to make plans.  However, it was mid-week and with lots of meetings we had to wait until Friday. But Friday never happened. Why?  Because Thursday took over and so did what I believe to be his insanity.

I don’t want to get too political, but it is somewhat needed for this next part. We are living in a time where some people are anti-police and are fighting for lots of different freedoms and their own personal beliefs. Chaz is a young white male who couldn’t support the Second Amendment more if he tried.

Come Thursday night, I texted him and it was a while before he responded which seemed odd. Eventually he told me that his day was awful, he was very upset and stressed. After gathering more information I found out it was because of another incident involving a police officer shooting a civilian, which happened on the other side of the country. This was a completely acceptable and normal reaction, however his next moves were not. First he hopped on the imaginary train and took the express track to crazy town.

I asked if he wanted to watch a movie or hangout to try and relax and he said no, because he was busy fighting with people. I was confused by this, as he lives alone and he said he was at home, so I asked more questions and he explained that he was fighting with people on the internet and on the phone.  When I asked who, he said he had called the police department where this most recent incident occurred and began to harass them.

Clearly there was no future for us at this point, but I had never encountered an individual like this, so I didn’t excuse myself yet.  I recommended that he stop doing this because they would call the cops. He told me it was too late, as the local police had already been called.  When I let him know he could get arrested, he responded, “Oh, they won’t take me alive!”

Moments later I get a text that says, “Police are here, brb.”  After no follow up, I actually started to look on news sites, expecting to see some crazy headlines and stories, however it never happened. Later he texted me nonsense and when I tried to make sense of it, he said, “Sorry, I took some sedatives, but the cops left so now I am going to watch TV”.

That was the end of our crazy short love affair. We never talked again.  Strange, I know.

Be safe out there, and follow your heart — within reason!

With Love, J!

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