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Dictionary.com describes dating as, “to go out socially on dates,” UrbanDictionary.com describes dating as, “of a couple, to be in the early stages of a relationship where [you] go out on dates to find out what each other is like, as a prelude to actually being a “fully fledged couple.” We describe it as, “exhausting, yet entertaining.”

The stories on this site are all real, which may make you lose faith in humanity (in case that has not yet happened). We hope you at least get some great laughs and giggles out of it, and realize you are not alone in this ridiculous dating game!

Our Date Blog is organized into different content categories:

Date Blog (B+J) – Tales told by either B or J about a first date, last date, boyfriend, ex, crush, or even the cute guy on the corner they saw while walking by!  These are lengthier stories of hilarity, woe, and downright ridiculousness.

Trove of Texts – Need a quick laugh? Head over to the Trove of Texts (divided into 3 sub-categories) and get ready to <facepalm> and LOL while reading things we’ve said or had said to us by friends, bosses, and potential mates.

Featured Tales & Texts – Send us your own stories, texts, or questions via the “Share or Ask” portal or via DateLikeAChampion@gmail.com and we may feature you here!

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